Wednesday, September 2, 2009

NYX Round Lipstick Penelope


Sorry for the used look of this one, but I just had to rip into it as soon as it arrived ^_^.

This is the new Penelope.  The old Penelope looked like a dark plum color online, but they recently redid the color (according to the NYX Cosmetics website).  I love this lipstick, and this color.  The lipstick is moisturizing, opaque, creamy, and non-drying.  The fact that it is so cheap is amazing, considering how much better it is to some high-end lipsticks I own.

The color is black.  Not dark plum, not dark blue, black.  One coat of this lipstick makes you have black lips, but slightly transparent (if that makes sense).  One coat it if you want a little red to show through, but this is still opaque.  Two coats, and you want a shiny, true black lip.  This is surprisingly forgiving, considering the color, and I was able to clean up mistakes without staining the skin around my lips.  Since this is such a deep color, beware how your skin looks, and also how chapped your lips are.  This is a definition un-forgiving color, and you will have to work it.  That said, I am in love.  Besides Halloween, when cheap cosmetics come out with their version of black lipstick (always crappy formulation, and always LE), it is impossible to find a true black.  Now, with YSL, MAC, and others making their versions (still LE), NYX has decided to make their own, and considering it took over an already-existing name, let's see if it in permanent.

So will I repurchase?  Yes, if I run out.  Otherwise, No.  This is not something to wear everyday for me, so we'll see, but for about $2 (even 4, sometimes), it is totally worth it.


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