Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dior lipgloss Rose Minaidiere / Clutch Pink 517

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Price: $25.50 for 0.21 oz (compare to MAC lipglass at $14 for 0.17 oz)

What they say:
"Presenting 100% couture color and shine that just won’t quit: Dior’s lastest high-tech, high-fashion gloss comes with an innovative brush applicator so that color glides on precisely and stays put while its ultra-light, non-sticky formula instantly pumps up the volume and softens the lips. Brilliant!"

What I say:
I love this gloss!  I had read many reviews online for this gloss, and everyone basically had the same thing to say; it's gorgeous, non-sticky, but expensive.  I would have to agree with that 100%.

The color is like a warm baby pink, and while it shows very light pink shimmer in the tube, it is completely unnoticeable when worn.  This gloss is one of the non-stickiest I have every worn/seen, but keep in mind that also means that it will not last through a hurricane.  I noticed no smell, and no flavor, both major pluses for me.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love some smells, but I would prefer nothing to the possibility of a horrible combination, or a possible smell of doom (the one so strong that it never goes away, and gives you a headache).

The tube on this gloss is sleet and sophisticated, while at the same time being practical and sturdy.  This gloss has a brush style applicator (which I prefer) so there is a lot of control.  The gloss is a little on the thin side, though, so watch out around the edges of your lips, or you might be in for a game of "get the gloss of my skin."  It claims to plump lips, but this is in the style of Japanese lipglosses that use the light to make lips appear to be larger than they really are.  Still, that means no chemical reactions, and personally I think those are the only kind of "plumpers" that work (since normal ones, like DuWop do nothing for me).  This is a moisturizing lipgloss (yay!) so you don't need to worry about layering this over a lipchap or any kind, but I would make sure your lips aren't dry and flaky.

Now the price... $25.50 is a lot of money, I'm not going to lie.  Also, there are other glosses, and other companies, so it's not like you are stuck with only this option.  I know lots of people say that NYX gloss is wonderful (depending on the color), and at a fraction of the price, it might be more worth it to get many of their glosses for the same price.  Personally, I think the texture, combined with a pretty color, and no smell makes this a worthy gift to yourself (or others).

4.5/5, will probably repurchase, if I have the extra cash

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