Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally finally finally finally finally!

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Finally Urban Decay is getting with the picture and offering their Primer Potion in a tube.  According to what i have seen, this is only the "professional size" of .85oz that will be available, and no word if they are going to just change over to this style exclusively, but at least it is something.  Personally, I think they should offer both styles, since the mascara like container that they have now does come in handy, and many people like it, but to actually offer a tube that you can squeeze it all out of... it was a long time in coming.

Thank you Urban Decay for finally listening to your fanbase and changing something that people have been crying out for for a long time.  Yes, I know you did that slanted doe-foot applicator thing, but seriously, you and I both know that was not enough.

Right now this is limited edition from Sephora, and I see no word on it from Urban Decay.  It says "online early access" in the email for beauty insiders too.  Hope this is testing the waters for the new packaging, and they decide to stick to it.

*Update 8/31*
Urban Decay's site just put up the Professional Size Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  I see nothing on their site that it is LE, so it looks like it is permanent!  Way to go UD!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser

Price: $24 for 4.5oz

What they say:
"What it is:
A dry cleanser that revives, refreshes, and recharges hair and scalp without water.

What it does:
Ojon® Rub-Out™ Dry Cleanser instantly "erases" impurities, toxins, excess oil, and product build-up. It increases hair volume at the root while treating the hair and scalp. Ideal between washings, as a hair pick-me-up, when you're in a rush, or when you overuse a styling product. The Dry Cleanser leaves hair cleansed, light, luminous, and healthy -looking.

What else you need to know:
Fortified with wildcrafted Ojon® oil, an ancient native secret to naturally beautiful hair from Central America's Tawira tribe, known as "the people of beautiful hair.™" Supported by clinical studies to instantly hydrate, strengthen, and restore dry or damaged hair, Rub-Out™ Dry Cleanser is appropriate for all hair types and is eco-friendly."

What I say:
This stuff is not worth the price.  Not even a little.

I bought a Ojon kit because I had heard a number of good things about this brand, and thought I would give it a shot.  Included in the kit was a To-Go size of this product, and since I had been looking for a good dry shampoo, I thought I would give this a shot.

There are a couple of things that I liked about this product, and I think I will get those out of the way first.  One, the product smell, to me, is not offensive.  I wouldn't say I would wear it as a perfume, but overall, I think it does a good job of covering up the dirty hair smell, and also not offend the nose when spraying onto hair.  Two, the powder that is in the product doesn't cause the white cast in my hair that a lot of dry shampoos can do.  I still need to try a shampoo for darker hair (I have light brown, but still dark enough that normal dry shampoos are obvious), but I think this is a good alternative for those.  I know if you use dry shampoo correctly you don't get a white cast, but there is sometimes that spot.  You know the one, that spot that you thought you brushed properly... yeah, that one.

Now the bad stuff.  This stuff did nothing for me.  In fact, every time I tried this product was on a day that I didn't need to wash my hair, but was just practicing for days that I might need this (last minute dinners, for instance), and not only did it not help my hair, I could feel it in my hair enough that I was compelled to wash it out!  Talk about counterproductive.  I mean, I might be able to see the slightest amount of matte, but overall I can still feel the oil, and on top of it I can feel the powder from this.  Not good.

Before you ask, yes I do know how to use dry shampoo.  I am getting the product out, but as you know, it is impossible to get something 100% out of your hair without washing it out.  This is why dry shampoo doesn't work against styling products, and you can't just use dry shampoo as your only cleansing source.

Next bad thing is the price.  This stuff is way too expensive for what it is, especially when there are supposedly better shampoos for a fraction of the price.  Sally's Beauty Supply, for instance, carries Batiste, which even marked up from importing is still only $7.50 for 5.05 oz, an even larger size than this Ojon one.  Granted, the powder is white, but from many reviews that I have heard, and seen, this comes out of dark hair easily (this is the next dry shampoo I will try, and I forgot to get it yesterday while I was in town).

Overall, if it works for you, it works for you, but for me this stuff was rubbish.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to wash this stuff out of my hair, again.

2/5 (Did like the smell, and the no white cast)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stila One Step Foundation

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Price: $44 for 1oz

What they say:

"What it is:
A skin-loving makeup that combines the benefits of a primer, foundation, concealer, and powder in one long-wearing formula.

What it does:
This innovative, medium-coverage formula is energized with Stila's exclusive Ionic Mineral Complex™ that reads and reacts to skin zone-by-zone, visibly priming, balancing, correcting, and optimizing for a supremely flawless finish. Achieve a beautifully smooth look with this buildable, blendable, hydrating essential that minimizes pores, regulates oil, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Synthetic Fragrances"

What I say:
So far I'm liking this foundation/primer/powder/concealer product.  It's not the greatest, but I have seen much much worse (looking at you Revlon PhotoReady).

This product claims to be a primer, foundation, concealer and powder all in one.  While I wouldn't say outright that it is not any one of these things, what it is is a combination of an average one of each.  Average concealer, average primer, you get the idea.  So while you are saving time, and actually money (if you do use all of these steps each day), the overall effect that you are achieving is just okay, and could be done better with superior products.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not dissing this product.  In fact, for what it is trying to do, I would actually be praising it.  To be able to achieve so much in so little of an amount of time is really useful, and definitely has its place amongst the time constricted of us.

The texture of this product is whipped, like Maybelline's whipped blushes.  Personally, I think the texture of this product is the worst part about it.  Since it is whipped, it doesn't want to stay on a brush, making it hard to apply to your face without using your fingers.  So why don't you use your fingers, you might ask?  Because when I only have a minute to get foundation on, I don't want half of that time bring spent washing and drying my hands!  Once actually on the face it spreads out relatively easily, though because it likes to stick together, it can tend to all try and place itself on the same spot.  Something to watch out for.

The coverage of this is sheer to medium, I would say.  I could definitely see redness through it, and my undereye circles were ever present (though I always expect that one).  Basically, while I would say it conceals at all, it does a pretty bad job of it.  I had to apply a second layer around my nose just to cover the redness that I happened to have there.

This product is chock full of silicones, but so far I have not reacted to them.  I am waiting to see if I do or not, because depending on the product, and the actually size of the particles, sometimes I don't react.  The silicone is how this product achieves the "powder-like" part of the formula.  Once the foundation dries, what is left is a powder finish, which is quite nice.  I heard some talk about transfer being a problem with this product, but personally have not had a problem with that.

Lasting power was okay.  I only wear foundation for short periods of time, usually, and in this case it was only 5 hours before I took it off.  It definitely was still there, I didn't get oily through it (which means that the oil control must be decent), and it didn't slide.

Last couples things: colors, and price.

Colorwise, this product is meh.  I got both the lightest and second lightest shades of this, and both seemed to be okay for me (I guess I fall in between), but both were yellowish.  Whilst I do have a pink undertone, I can sometimes pull off a more yellow foundation, depending on the amount present, and what I was pairing with it.  With this, I had to wear bronzer with the lightest shade, which according to Stila doesn't even have a yellow undertone!  I definitely fear for women with more pink in their skin than I have, and really wish more companies would realize that yellow is not always flattering (looking at you Bobbi Brown).

Price for this is... not good.  While I did say that it was okay earlier, this was based on a "this is my only foundation/concealer/powder/primer" standpoint.  If you have decent skin that doesn't need a lot of concealer (which is the one thing I think this thing doesn't do even average), and you are thinking of just buying this, and nothing else, then the price is okay, since it breaks down to just $11 for each thing in it, and you aren't buying anything else.  If you are like most people, and you are thinking of using this as a sometimes, not always foundation, than the price is absurd.  For $44 you can get MUFE HD, and have change left over (and MUFE at least has a color selection than includes those of us who are not yellow undertone).  Also, this product claims to have a shelf of just 6 months after first use, according to the sticker.  This actually surprised me, since the product is in a tube, and it looks to be an airtight design.  Are the minerals just that unstable, and if so, than how does it last long enough on the shelf until someone purchases it in the first place?

I happened to get both of mine on a massive sale (one of them without a box, but new, and the other on an overstock site).  Total for both I paid less than the cost of one, but that was just luck and timing.  If I had to repurchase at the regular price, I would not even consider it an option.  If I found the same deal again, I would think about it, since the time I save would be worth it.

Product: 3.5-4/5 (depending on the need for concealer)
Price: 2-4/5 (depending on if you are using this as a supplementary or a primary product)

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter

Price: $8 for 1.7oz, $20 for 6.9oz

What they say:
"Best if you want to: Pamper your skin with a rich, deliciously mango-scented cream that softens and moisturizes for up to 24 hours.

Best for: very dry skin
How it works:
  • Mango seed oil moisturizes the skin.
  • Community Trade cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature, leaving skin soft and smooth.
  • Sweet almond oil provides essential fatty acids that help to repair skin’s moisture barrier, helping to restore smoothness and suppleness."
What I say:
This is a very nice body butter, but I wouldn't say it is the most moisturizing.  Maybe it's because my skin is not absorbing it all, but I think some of my other lotions/butters that I use are more moisturizing.

Speaking of absorbing, this stuff takes a long time to absorb into my skin.  It doesn't matter how long I rub, or don't rub, this stuff just takes a while.  This is okay at night, when I don't care anyway, but during the day this is a no-go for me.  Secondly, the normal idea of having your skin be slightly moist when you are putting this on does not work.  Any liquid that you have on your skin is just going to make this butter kinda filmy (you know, that white cast that happens), and make it take even longer to absorb into your skin.

The scent, in the tub, is really nice.  I would say mango, like they claim, but not really fresh mango smelling, more like mango candy.  On my skin, it doesn't quite smell the same, but since this is a body chemistry thing, I can't really fault the product.  For me, it starts to smell more herby?  Less like fruit, more like something else, and I can't quite place it.  Not unpleasant, but I really wish the smell in the tub would have carried over.

I put the price for both sizes in the price section, but would really suggest getting a small unless you really know you are going to use this butter up.  A little does go a long way with this product, and since the scent can be altered by body chemistry, the scent that you thought you would like might not be that good anymore.

The packaging for this is a plastic tub that screws shut.  The tubs themselves are colored to match idea of the lotion inside (I wouldn't say match entirely, since for instance the butter for mango is much lighter than the tub), which makes it easy to locate the one that you want to use.  Since the cap screws shut, the tub does well in travel, and can take a decent beating.  Not throw against a wall type of beating, but it shouldn't crack with a regular handbag toss.

Overall a decent product, and would suggest it for those who can absorb body butters.  Decent price for the amount that you get, and the smaller tubs are the perfect travel size.