Saturday, August 29, 2009

NYX Haul from

So last week I read Anastasia's post about how CherryCulture was having a 20% off Back to School sale.  Seeing as how I have never purchased NYX before (seeing as it is impossible to find within a 75 mile radius of me) I decided to spend a large chunk of change for some decent makeup.  I have never bought NYX myself, but too many people say they are wonderful (especially their round lipsticks), I had to try them out (and at $2 each, without the discount, and free shipping... hehehe).

So, what did I get?  Waaaayyy too much.

Round Lipgloss in Apricot
Jumbo Eyepencil in Yogurt
Powder Blush in Angel, Taupe, and Chocolate Moose
Mosaic Powder in Highlight
Cream Blush in Red Cheek
Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige, Beige Pearl, Lollipop, and Smokey Look
Single Eyeshadow in White Pearl and Dune
Eyeshadow Trio in Beanie/Red Bronze/Red Bean
Runway Palettes in Versus and Strike a Pose
And the major fun: Round Lipsticks in Honey, Watermelon, Vitamin, B52, Harmonica, Penelope, Snow White, Pumpkin Pie, Hebe, Ceto, Poseidon, Opal, Bruised, Violet Ray, Almost Black, Iced Lavender

In the above picture, I tried to put everything in the order that I wrote down.

Since I live in California, the order took 3 days to get here, with their handling, which is awesome!  I am totally buying more from them.

So, the only thing that came damaged is Iced Lavender, which I accept, since it is still usable.  The tube is a little messed up, and it opens too easily, so no going in a bag for this one, but for how cheap it was, who really cares, hehe.

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