Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rimmel Primer

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Price:  $7.59 1 fl oz.

What they say:
"Create a perfect canvas for foundation application. - Skin Perfecting primer smoothes and evens out your complexion - prolongs the wear of your foundation - Minimizes Pores"

What I say:
Let me start this out with saying IT'S ORANGE!  Seriously orange, like what the heck orange.  I mean, you would think they would have other color options, or something...

Okay, now that that's over, on to the rest of it.  First impressions first.  While being orange, it actually blends in!  I know, surprising, isn't it?  I did notice a little more warm cast to my face after application, but it somehow seemed to go away after a minute (or that could have just been the lighting, or me getting used to it).  It was a little hard to blend, but really what primer isn't a little annoying, and my foundation did blend on top of this nicely, without pilling or being a brat.  Lastly, I did notice that my pores were nicely filled in, and not as noticeable.  This is nice for me, because I have huge, oily/combo skin pores of doom.

Past first impressions: I wore this from 3pm to 9pm, along with the Rimmel Stay Matte Clarifying Foundation, and can't really decide what to say about it.  It melted along with the foundation, but doesn't melt like the Wicked Witch (read: horrible ring of doom).  It did seem to keep my pores from looking like pools of muck, and did come out when I went to clean my face.  Did it make my foundation last?  Hard to say.  I personally don't think that any primer really makes foundaiton last longer, it just makes it melt or integrate into your pores slower, and there is a real difference.

So, like the Rimmel foundation, I would have to say this is just decent.  Unlike the Rimmel foundation, though, I will have to say it might be worth it.  There are very few primers on the market, especially ones that are as easy to get, and cheap.  If you find this on sale, and happen to be in need of a primer, it might be worth your while to test it out.


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