Wednesday, September 30, 2009

End of the Month Lemmings, September

Just a few things I want, but am not sure I will actually get.  I enjoy reading others writing these, so I thought I would try it out myself ^_^.

1) 500-point reward from Sephora: Kat Von D Rock 'N' Roll Eyeshadow Palette

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I have heard mixed reviews about Kat Von D, mostly things like it is just repackaged Sephora brand stuff.  I have tried Sephora brand things (eye makeup remover, a couple eyeshadows, some brushes), and can't say that is a horrible thing, but the price is a little high if that is true.  I have enough points to try this out, but am wondering if it is worth $500 of past purchases to get it.  I might want to keep those points for deluxe samples instead.

2) Speaking of Sephora, I also am lemming their Lush Flush Wine Lip & Cheek Stain.

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I actually meant to pick this up the last time I was in there (months ago, now), but forgot it ;P.  I liked the texture, and the color was great for my NW20 (when tannish) skin.  For $10, it's a good deal, especially when compared to Benefit's Benetint, which I just didn't like, since it was too watery.

3) Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Concealer

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The applicator for this is mainly why I want it so badly.  I mean, I bet they make a good concealer, but just look at it!  No brush, no doe foot, it's like one of those Japanese lipglosses with the silicone applicator (which is probably where they got their idea, honestly).  I have to check this out in person.

4) NARS Artist Palette, Essential Eye and Doucers de Paris

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I love the few eyeshadows that I have from NARS, and would love a palette to get the most for my money.  These are definitely some high priced lemmings, though, and most likely will never actually own one *le sigh*.

5) L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara

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I have been wanting this one since I heard about it months ago.  Basically a cheaper version of the Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara (or their new Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension Mascara, I haven't heard which one they are trying to imitate).  I've heard the formula is not as good, but for something that costs a fraction of the price of the original, I would say it might still be worth it.  Word has it that this item is arriving on this side of the pond come November, so US people, keep your eyes open!
Edit: Apparently this is already available at CVS online and Walgreens online, just no one has it in person (in my area, and I've checked a lot of stores).  Either they got early stock online, or this is coming out sooner than I heard!

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