Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lancôme 'Photôgenic' Skin-Illuminating Concealer SPF 15

Price: $27.50 for .16oz (4.6g)

What they say:
"A creamy-sheer, easy-to-blend concealer that hydrates and protects as it hides blemishes and dark circles. For a naturally radiant, flawless complexion that's perfect in every light. Lancôme's new Photo-Flex Complex optimizes the effects of light to perfect the look of your complexion while ginseng, ginkgo and vitamin C help energize your skin and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens help protect the delicate eye area from sun damage. Like a second skin, it leaves a natural, powdery-soft finish. Won't cake. Won't clog pores. Won't settle into lines. In six shades to complement the seventeen shades of Photôgenic Skin-Illuminating Makeup SPF 15. Ideal for all skin types. Oil-free. Noncomedogenic. Ophthalmologist tested. Dermatologist tested. Fragrance-free."

What I say:
I originally got a sample of this at Nordstroms, when I went to return the Guerlain blush that was such a failure.  I also, at that time, bought this product with the gift card that I got as the return.  The reason I did both?  Because this was completely sold out, so I needed to get a sample until the item I bought could be shipped out.  Have I mentioned how much I love the customer service at the Nordstroms I go to (Arden Fair mall)?

I ended up getting this concealer in Camée, which, depending on what site you look at, is the second or third shade, going light to dark.  I actually don't think that it is that dark, but more salmon than the other light shade in that row, Light Buff, which looks more yellow to me.  Ivory, while I could pull it off, would not look quite right on my skin, being more of an undereye concealer color, or maybe a sallowness corrector, when compared to my flesh color.  Actually, Camée is a tad darker than I would call perfect, but nothing that blending doesn't fix, so not even this one is really a good match.  At least it's not yellow (or reverse panda).  This line could use a lot more options.

The texture of this is like a whipped cream, not like a whipped foundation.  It's thin, but highly pigmented, and when warmed becomes more liquidy.  Blending this is a dream, and it layers nicely.  It doesn't layer wonderfully, though, so if you need to add a lot of layers, you might need something thicker.  This concealer also plays nicely with others, layering over my Bobbi Brown corrector without a problem.

This can look a little cakey if you add too much, mostly when you go to add a powder on top, since the powder will stick to the concealer like wasps to a soda.  This can be solved with a little more blending, which this thing is a champeon at, so no real problem there.  It also doesn't like scabs, you know the ones, so watch it with those.

Like I stated before, this is really pigmented stuff.  The sample that I got is still going, and I haven't even opened (to use) the one that I purchased.  To give you an idea of the pigmentation, I had a that-time-of-the-month breakout of doom on my chin.  Red, large, more red, you know the type.  This stuff covered it, not completely, but to the point that it looked more like a faded scar.  I did not use foundation, I did not load this stuff on, and I did the covering in a hurry.  This stuff is strong.

The lasting power of this is really good.  Put this on, set it with a little powder, and away you go.  I never had to retouch, and it never started to slip off, or just disappear.  There is one thing that I noticed, though; watch it if you wear glasses.  I need them to drive, and happened to have a mark at the nose piece that needed to be covered.  While this did cover it, every time I wore my glasses for a decent (hour) amount of time, I would have to reblend the concealer at that spot.  It was still there, still blendable, still going strong, it had just started to gather around the outside of the nose piece.  Just thought I should point that out.

Also, I break out semi-easily.  I put this on the zit of doom, it didn't make it worse, or prolong it.  I wore it on just discoloration, no new zits, breakouts, nothing.  Good stuff.

Oh, and SPF in a concealer that can go under your eyes?  I like.

4/5  (-1 for lack of color range)

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