Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random - I hate being sick

So, I went to a concert (only the second one I've ever been to, hehe) last week, and came back with hurting ears, a cold, and a better appreciation for a couple of songs that I rated lower before I saw them played in person.

Now this cold has taken my voice away for 3 days, and counting, and has just generally pissed me off in any way it could.  Everyone around me has it, but for some reason I'm the only one that had their vocal cords affected.

Any case, this leads me to a small rant: if you are sick, for the love of all that you hold dear, don't go to a crowded event and get everyone around you sick!  Sheesh, it's called common curtesy.  If you have to go (this concert was really once in a lifetime), wear one of those facial masks to at least /try/.  Oh, and cough into your sleeve, not onto people!

Well, at least I got to see a couple really good bands in person.

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