Saturday, August 15, 2009

CoverGirl Wetslicks Amazemint

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Price: $6.25 for 6ml (.27 fl oz)

What they say:
"CoverGirl Wetslicks Amazemint isn't just a lipgloss, it's a smile treatment! Crest Peppermint Oil provides a minty breath sensation while the gloss itself gives a dazzling high-shine without all that "sticky"."

What I say:
I have this lipgloss in #625 '"un-wined" (a reddish, plummy color), #640 "freedom of peach" (typical dull peach, not like the flesh of a real peach, but pretty), and #645 "slaphappy" (a warmer peach than freedom of peach).  Freedom of peach and slaphappy are so similar in color, and are both so sheer, that if you have one, you really don't need another.  Un-wined is also sheer, but shows up a lot better on your lips, since it is so much darker.  All of the colors that I have have very little shimmer that you can see in the tube, but I never notice it on my lips, and there is no gritty texture.

The peppermint oil in these adds a nice cool sensation to my lips, but I can see how some people wouldn't like it.  Personally, I think it's great, and like to reapply to get it to come back.  These lipglosses are non-sticky, but still have that slight lipglossy feel, so you won't think you are not wearing anything.  Some of the colors claim to neutralize the yellowness of your teeth by being more blue based, but I have not noticed this with un-wined, which is supposed to be one of the colors on the list.

Overall, I really like these.  Since CoverGirl is a drugstore brand, you can often find these BOGO, so $6 for two glosses that are pretty nice is not a bad deal.  Also, since they are not sticky, and are cheap, they make great in your bag for touch-ups gloss, and great in your bag, might get lost or "borrowed" by younger people gloss (read: cousins, child, etc).  These are not HG for me, but I will, and have, repurchased.

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