Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maybelline Concealer/Highlighter Pen

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Price: $7.09

What they say:
"The only 2-in-1 concealer + highlighter to fully cover imperfections while adding a touch of radiance, giving you younger-looking skin instantly.

  • Fully conceals: Ultra-coverage pigments with moisturizing glycerin provide complete, hydrating coverage.
  • Visibly brightens: Light reflecting pearls visibly brighten and add a luminous touch to corner of eyes, cheek and brow bones and bridge of nose or to contour lip."
What I say:
So far, so decent.  The concealer is very liquidy, so use a little at a time, and I suggest using your fingers instead of the wand.  The highlighter I /definitely/ suggest using your fingers instead of the brush.  There are only 4 colors of this wand, so I bought the lightest one.  This is not the strongest concealer.  It is sheer, liquidy, and where it gets the idea that it can cover up dark circles, I have no idea.  It can't even cover up red marks, really.  The highlighter is also a little odd; it is sheer, doesn't really highlight much, and seems just like an added step.  Sure, you can tell where you highlighted from the fainted of gleams, so it is natural, but it just doesn't seem strong enough for the effort put into it.

This is a decent product, all the same, because of how natural it is.  This is the concealer you would use if you put on tinted moisturizer or a light powder, and just needed something to cut the edge out of the purple pools that are your circles, or the red scar from your cat attacking your face in your sleep.  It doesn't settle into fine lines, but I don't really know if that's a by-product of the formula, or the texture.  It blends nicely, but again, formula or texture have yet to claim "who done it."  I, personally, am not sure if I would repurchase, but I guess I will have to see when I get towards the end of this tube.


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