Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Korres Body Butter

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So let's start this little story with a few months ago. I had heard Korres was releasing a USA website, where one could purchase their products (without the Sephora middle man), and be able to purchase more items. I, being the intrigued one, promptly signed up, and forgot all about it. Now, fast forward to early last month, and the arrival of an email stating that the Korres site is up and running, and since I was such a good little girl, and signed up to their newsletter, I was entitled to 20% off and free stuff!


So, that's how the story began, and that's basically how it ended. I bought crap, I received my crap, and I was happy. Actually, surprisingly, very happy.

Now, some of you out there might know what it's like to get really dry wrists/hands. Top this with eczema. Top that with sensitivities to scents and petrolium products... yeah, that's my skin. This doesn't aggrivate it. At all. Not only that, but it also sinks in, and leaves my hands sufficiently grease free to be able to actually type (read:play games and websurf).

Now, down to the smells. So far, so good. I was surprised to find out that the scent I thought I would like the most (Lemon Basil) was downright nasty. I mean, come on. /Lemon/ /Basil/ That, to me, is chocolate with chocolate sauce on top. How can you mess up something that basically just makes you want to drool non-stop? Well, somehow, they did, but not to worry! Guava is actually a good scent! *gasp* While being fruity and vanilla-y, it still remains just light enough that I don't get a scent headache, and still strong enough that I can actually tell what I'm wearing.

Now, the bad stuff. The price. I bought the small tubes to carry around in my bags, since I'm often not at home where my mammoth sized lotions live, but I still would like to have one of these large tubes at home. Sadly, that is not to be. With how high the unit price is on this, I cannot justify a large tube when the lotions that I use are almost as good, and much, much cheaper.

Still, if you have the excess cash around, I suggest giving these a go. Better yet, go to Sephora and try these out in person. You know what, just do that in general. Given how much scent is a personal thing, you really should know what you are getting yourself into before you purchase something like this.


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