Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hype Theatre: Lancome Juicy Tubes Smoothie

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Good evening (or morning, whatever).  Welcome to Hype Theatre, where we examine the most hyped about products, and see whether they are worth the hype surrounding them, are just average, or are downright crap.

Today we will be examining Lancome Juicy Tubes Smoothie, the lipgloss that many women claim is their HG, the best of the best, and worth its weight in gold.

I originally received these as samples and gifts with purchase (and gifted gifts with purchase.  Thanks mom!).  While I did not receive full tubes of this product, I do have enough to make at least 3 full sized tubes, so this product has been thoroughly tested.  This product currently sells for $18 for .5oz (14.6g).

The color that I am mainly reviewing today is Coral Rush, what I would call a more coral watermelon flesh color, with subtle gold sparkle.  This particular shade shows as a light pink with a slight orange pull on my lips, very nice, and goes well with warmer weather, though it should work well in fall/winter.

The gloss squeezes out of the tube with no problem, and is not runny (think Bonnie Bell here).  Juicy Tubes gloss is more thick, and while more difficult to apply than many, is not impossible.  The color is sheer, but does show up, so a thick layer to see the color is not necessary.

The overall texture is not as sticky as, say, MAC Lipglass, but it is by no means non-sticky, like many claims want you to believe.  This is definitely in the category of "tie your hair back if it is windy, and you are wearing this gloss."  Like I stated, it is not as sticky as a lipglass, so there is less need to worry when, say, drinking tea, but there is transfer.  My lips do not stick together unattractively, and there is none of that tell-tale gloss threads when talking (you know what I'm talking about, they look kinda like spider-silk).  The stickier texture allows this gloss to stay on for a longer amount of time than it otherwise would, but it doesn't appear to have very long staying power, fading at about the 2-3 hour mark, depending on how much talking, eating, and drinking actually took place.

While there is no creeping into fine lines for me, there is a little migration that happens towards the outside of my lips.  Also, this gloss does not fade gracefully, getting stickier and more blotchy as time passes, until eventually it needs to be removed.  I cannot layer new gloss on top of old, and removal required something stronger than a paper tissue, and perhaps more elbow grease than I an comfortable exposing my lips to multiple times in a single day.

Overall, this is not worth the hype, and I would claim this is an average product.  The price is pretty reasonable compared to others in the same market (like MAC Lipglass at $14 for .17oz, Shiseido The Makeup Lip Gloss at $21 for .15oz), but compared to others in a tube (like philosophy at $10 for .5oz, Sephora Super Shimmer Lip Gloss $10 for .5 oz, Urban Decay XXX Shine Lip Gloss $16 for .4oz), it is a little high for what you are actually getting.  Those are just mid-high end glosses, as well; drugstore makeup, which I would consider to be of similar quality, is much cheaper.

Hype Theatre deems this:
Product: Not worth the hype, just average.
Price: Complete crap.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I had one regular Juicy Tube and found it on the sticky side, so I've never been that interested in the other variations of the gloss.