Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Korres Lip Butter Plum

Price: $10 for .21oz

What they say:
"Ultimate lip treatment with intensely hydrating formulas, packed with a juicy pop of color
• Shea Butter’s anti-inflammatory and potent moisturising benefits cushion the skin and help to restructure it
• Rice Wax helps to seal in hydration, leaving the lips smooth all day "

What I say:
This is nice, but I think the best part about it is the smell (yum!).  It smells like plums, but a little more fake than that.  Maybe more like plum candy.  I like the smell, but I can see how others might think it is a little strong.  Anyway...

Let's start with the packaging.  This comes in a tub, as you can see in the picture, and I happen to fall in the "prefer tube" category.  This isn't a deal breaker for me, but I don't like sticking un-clean fingers into my makeup, so this product becomes an "only if my hands are clean" item.  I don't like those for travel, since I can't guarantee when I will be able to reapply.  That said, the tub is well made, lightweight, and doesn't open accidentally.  There is a plastic cover over the product, like what comes with many face products in tubs, which I think is a nice touch, since it makes it harder for the product to dry out.

The texture is lightweight, and feels moisturizing.  This butter is not moisturizing like a lip treatment, but it is moisturizing enough to keep your lips comfortable during the day.  I would have liked it being more moisturizing, but it wasn't drying, so that's good.  It feels kinda soft when you put your fingers into it, like a facial mask, or maybe more like room temperature butter, or body butter.  When placed on my lips, it is more creamy, and spreads easily.  It layers without problems, and doesn't settle into fine lines, or creep out onto the outside and corners of my mouth.

A little goes a long way with this particular color.  It is sheer when a thin layer is applied, but it can look a bit much if I apply a lot of it, since I am more pale, and this contrasts with that.  Still, the color is nice, and I would say it might lean more towards the cool side than warm, but not too much that anyone can't pull this color off.

According to Korres, lip butters can also double as cheek colors, making this a multi-use product like Stila's Convertibles.  Personally, I think the texture of this, while great for spreading and blending, is a little too greasy for my combination skin.  I haven't noticed breakouts, but without a powder, it looks a little... fake?  I guess that's the right word.  On more dry skin, this might sink in more, looking a little less dewy.

Overall, this is a good product, especially considering the price.  For $10 you get a respectable amount of balm (compare to MAC tendertones, that were $14.50 for .2oz back in 2008).  Korres also has sets, where you can get 3 of their lip butters for $19.50 (or $6.50 each).  Like I said before, I would like to see these in a tube instead of a tub, and would like to have them be more moisturizing, but these are little things, overall, for a product that does deliver.


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