Saturday, May 8, 2010

Aspirin Mask

Ahhh, good old fashioned, cheap, awesome mask.  Chemical plus physical exfoliation meets ease of use, easy removal, and the cheapest per unit price you can ever find.

Now, many of you have heard of this mask, and this is nothing new to you, but for those of you that do not, this is a simple, easy mask, that does not take a huge chunk of money out of your wallet to have.  Warnings, though: If you are sensitive or allergic to aspirin DO NOT USE!  I cannot stress that enough.  Enough of the aspirin can get into your system, and your health is not worth the risk.

To do: Take 4-5 aspirin uncoated aspirin tablets, since these dissolve easily.  Take a little water (we're talking drops here), and place on the tablets.  Let sit for about 15 seconds, then help them along by turning and crushing them with your fingers until you get a nice powder.

Here's the fun part.  Mix the powder with whatever you want.  If you need a moisturizing anti-acne mask, mix with yogurt or honey (my personal favorite).  If you're lazy, like I am, just use more water, so that you get a paste.  Seriously, as long as it can go on your face, it can probably be mixed in with the aspirin powder.

Let sit until dry, or for as long as you can handle/need it.  I usually do 10-15 minutes, with the thicker parts of the mask on places like acne and my nose.

Wash off with warm water, using a little at a time, and messaging the leftover mask into your skin, which acts like a mild exfoliator.  This mask is also a chemical exfoliator, so don't over do it!  Use a cleanser afterwards if you need it (like after the honey mask), moisturize, and you're done!  Use at most once a week, since this is a strong treatment.

How this works:
Aspirin is made of acetylsalicylic acid, a salicylate drug (salicylic acid is the most commonly known), which is a beta hydroxy acid.  Beta hydroxy acids are often used for anti-acne and anti-aging cosmetics and skin care, like concealers and facial washes.  By taking the drug and mixing it into a mask to apply topically, you are placing a beta hydroxy acid that is a high concentration on a targeted spot on your face, which helps exfoliate, and helps clean pores.

While this isn't the most luxurious mask on the planet, it is a great mask for people who have acne, and also for people who travel; a bottle of aspirin in your bag becomes a pain killer, an exfoliator, and a mask, all without the liquid requirements that airlines enforce, and very little bag space.

I highly recommend giving this one a try (as long as you aren't allergic).  The worst that happens is you spend $1-$1.50, and get a bottle of pain medicine for your cabinet.

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