Thursday, May 27, 2010

Julie Hewett Sale!

From now until May 31st, Julie Hewett is having a sale of 40% off with coupon code MEM40.

I know this code is good, because I just used it myself.

Happy shopping!  Her lipsticks are wonderful, and 40% off of them is a hard deal to pass up.  Also, try her Omit concealer pencil, good for the waterline and reverse lining, and her Cheekies, which are like Bobbi Brown pots.

She has matching lip liners for her lipsticks, if you are interesting in that.  Personally, I find that cheap lipliners would just as well for me, so I would say pass on that, unless you want to have a perfect match for your new red lipstick.

Few words of warning: and actually have different pages, with the same products, and the code works on both of them, same cart, etc.  The difference is the page layout, and how much is said on each page.  Also, Scarlet, the Icon of Beauty Lipstick is not available right now.  It will lead you to a blank page on the site, and the site doesn't even list it.  Also, Vampie Cheekie is only available through the site, the other doesn't list it.  I purchased this, and will update if they suddenly tell me it is out of stock, or discontinued.

Good luck ^_^.

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