Saturday, May 29, 2010

End of the Month Lemmings, May

As this month was my birthday, I haven't had as many lemmings this month, since I got some as presents (yays!).  Well, I didn't get one thing...

1) Warmer weather.
Now, some of you may be having the same problem that we have been having here on the Northern California coast, but it is still cold.  Yeah yeah, maybe not Colorado in the winter cold, but seriously, we are having tons of rain, septic systems are failing because of the water intake is way above normal for this time of year, and heaters and fireplaces are still being used all day because we are 20 degrees below average.  (Right now it's only 54, when it should be 74+).  I'm not asking for much, I just want it to get back to normal temperatures.  (Yes, I do know that this sort of thing happens every 11 years or so, but it's still annoying).

2) New phone.
My husband and I qualify for new phones next month, and are thinking about getting smart phones for the first time.  We are thinking about getting Google phones, like the Motorola Droid, or the HTC Droid Incredible, since we have Verizon.  So far, the Droid Incredible might be winning out, but rumor has it that it might have either a faulty signal strength meter, or the antenna is not very good.  Hopefully I'll be able to find enough research one way or the other, before we buy the phones.  (More research update, it's a combination, but the majority of the problem lies in non-standardized strength bars, with Motorola showing 5 when HTC shows 3.  Combine with a slightly (very slightly) weaker antenna, and you get the results people have been complaining about).

3) The rest of my packages to arrive.
Yeah, a strange one, but true.  I have many packages that I ordered around my birthday (self birthday presents, and a couple birthday presents from money that people gave me, since it was cheaper shipping), and some of them have /still/ not gotten here.  *Sigh*  Ah well, at least I have stuff to look forward to ^_^.

4) Guerlain Fall 2010 Palettes
Yeah, months away, but still, just look at those and tell me you don't want them?  One of the few times I'm okay with being told months ahead of time about a release, because at least I can save up the money to get one (or two).

5) To pass my upcoming test.
Don't want to bore people, but I have a hard test coming up for a certificate, and I really hope to pass it.  Study study study.

Yeah, pretty boring, non-makeup lemming list.  At least it shows that makeup isn't the only thing I think about, hehe.

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