Wednesday, April 14, 2010

L'Oreal Lash Boosting Serum

Price: $14.99 for 0.18 OZ

What they say:
"Breakthrough treatment. With daily use boost natural lash health. Fortified, nourished, strengthened lashes. Soft-touch serum applicator. For 24 hr effect use with lash boosting mascara. L'Oreal introduces new Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum, our first-ever eyelash serum, with revolutionary pro-keratin complex technology to boost natural lash health with daily use. With continued use, lash health improves. Lashes appear: fortified; nourished; strengthened. Ophthalmologist and allergy tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Not intended for use on the lower lash line. Made in USA.

Apply at night to bare lashes, or during the day under your mascara. Start with a clean, dry eye area. Using the curve of the Soft-Touch Applicator, sweep serum onto lashes from root to tip, like a mascara. Next, glide the applicator tip along the upper lash line, like an eyeliner. Allow serum to dry before applying your mascara. For best results, use twice a day: before applying your favorite mascara, and again at bedtime."

What I say:
1st use, 12th of March:
I got this on sale from CVS for $9, which is a massive discount (normal price from them is $14.99 as of this writing).  The wand seems really strange to use.  I haven't used other mascaras/serums with a wand like this, so it is probably from lack of practice.  The wand is kinda mailable, so it doesn't poke your lash line when running along the top lashes, and also lacks the bristles that a normal mascara wand had; it kinda looks like a mantis arm to me, if that makes sense.  It claims that this serum is not recommended for the lower lash line, but I think when put on your upper lash line, some of it will get there anyway.  I haven't noticed any stinging, but it is not that comfortable while drying.  Nothing harsh, just kinda... uncomfortable.  It does clump my lashes together, because they are so wet with the serum, so I have no idea how this could be used as a primer.  Maybe if you comb it out first after it dries?  I really have no goals for this serum, so if it does anything, it will be a bonus.  I'm still a little apprehensive, since I don't want to mess with my normal lash cycle, but at the price, I thought it would be worth checking out something like this, even just once.

Almost a week later, 18th of March: 
I have not noticed any improvement, really, but my lashes don't seem to be having the harsh side-affects that some people say they experienced.  I have noticed, on the other hand, a couple lashes falling out.  This might just be my paranoid mind being extra attentive to my lashes during this experiment, but if I have noticed 2 lashes falling out, there are probably others that I have not noticed.  So far, my lashes are still full, though, so I will continue to just keep an eye on the situation.  I have gotten noticeably better at using the wand, which is a plus, and have been using this opportunity to work with applying eyeliner and mascara with my left hand, since this stuff dries completely clear.  Might as well multitask, hehe.  The clumping on the ends of my lashes has started to diminish, most likely from my getting better at using the wand.  I have noticed that if I let my lashes dry a considerable length of time, it might be possible to apply mascara over the top, but I have yet to try this.

Two weeks,  26th of March:
Missed a couple days (because I'm lazy, okay ;P).  I have definitely gotten the technique down to apply this, so basically no flakes in the morning.  Still am not using this in the morning, only at night.  Have still not noticed a dramatic improvement, but the lash fallout has disappeared, and I think my lashes in the inner corner of my eyes appear to be a little thicker.  Lower lashes also appear to be a little thicker than I remember.  While the number of lashes that I have remains the same, they seems more conditioned, and in a little better shape than before I started this treatment.

Week 3, 4th of April:
Well, technically I'm in week 4, but ;P.  The bald spot that I have on my left eye on the top and bottom lid (think of if you sliced with the eye closed) is still there.  I still have the occasional eyelash fall out, but since my eyelashes don't seem to be getting sparser, am still just watching in case the rate increases.  My lashes do seem just the tiniest bit longer, more than I noticed before, so this treatment might actually be working, just not the miracle working that others seem to have.  I am starting to draw the theory that this product works best on those who's eyelashes would normally look really nice, but who have done damage to them, in some form or another, that prevents them from looking nice normally.

Week 4, the end of the adventure:
So I finally stopped using this product after noticing a number of eyelashes had fallen off at the same time on one eye.  After a few days of not using the serum, I have noticed no more eyelashes falling out, so all of that guessing from before was correct; this product was the cause, and it was not paranoia on my part.

While I did notice a slight increase in the thickness and length of my eyelashes, the number of lashes falling out neutralized any positive words I could say about this serum.  I cannot say if it was a mild allergic reaction that caused the problems that I had, or if it was a common side affect of this serum that many others, besides myself, have had, but I can say that it is more than a little disconcerting to wake up in the morning without rubbing your eyes, and seeing 3 lashes waiting on your face when you look in the mirror before washing your face.

Overall, I would have to say that I neither liked nor disliked this product.  This is a conditioning serum, not a lash growing one, and it more than does what it claims.  For many, the fact that they are giving their lashes some much needed conditioning attention is probably why this product works, for others it might be that they respond well to the ingredients.  As for myself, I do not respond enough to warrent the price, time, and side effects that I have to endure to see any results.

While this does not work for me, if you can find it on sale, I suggest giving this a try.  Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones that this works well on.  For $9, which is what I paid, if it works, it is more than worth its price.


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