Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner 06 Mirage

Price: $35 for 1g (.03oz)

What they say:
"An exceptionally elegant eye makeup innovation, this ultra fine, loose powder, with a touch of iridescence, can be applied as an eyeliner using the wand applicator or applied as an eyeshadow using the brush."

What I say:
I have reviewed these kohls before, but this is the new limited edition shade, so I thought I should post a separate review for those interested before it sells out. 

This shade is Brun, but without the sparkle.  I did have a swatch of the two together, but it didn't turn out that good, unfortunately.  There is no slight variation of the shades, there's no background color difference, Mirage is Brun without the shimmer, period.

Brun happened to be my favorite of the kohls, so this wasn't a bad thing for me, since I don't always like shimmer, but really, the difference when worn was minimal, at best.  They wore for the same amount of time (not surprising), and if anything could be said, I would say the shimmer of Brun makes it look maybe the slightest bit lighter in bright lighting, if that.

If you have Brun, you probably don't need Mirage.  If you have neither, you might want to pick up the LE Mirage first, since you can always find Brun later if you like the color.

Overall 4/5
This color, since it really isn't that special 3/5

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