Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shiseido Tsubaki Conditioner

Price: $14 for 500ml

What I say:
Part two!

As I stated in my earlier post, this stuff is moisturizing.  After rinsing out my hair of all the shampoo, I take 1.5 pumps of this, put it all over (except at my scalp), and wait a few minutes.  Now, when you see the size of the pumps of this, you will think that it will not be enough conditioner to really, well, condition your hair.  This is not the case.  Not only will adding the amount of conditioner you normally would be overkill, it would also weigh down your hair too much, because this does, in fact, have oil in it, and without cleansing that out, you would just have lots of oil on your scalp.

This stuff is thick.  Normal conditioner that you might be used to is a little runny.  This stuff is the boiled down cream that normal conditioner wishes it could be.  While this is nice for your hair, it is a little of a pain to spread evenly.  I suggest leaving in a little more water than you normally do in your hair to give it something to slip with when spreading this out.

The smell of this is really nice, and stronger than the shampoo.  Again, you might not like this, but I thought it was nice.  To me, at least, it's not a headachey, annoying smell.  When it is washed out of your hair, it is also still noticeable, but in a more in the background like a candle at the other side of the room way, or perhaps even fainter than that.  The smells does go away, so don't worry about having your hair permanently smell like this conditioner, having to wave flies away from your hair, or anything else associated with conditioner smell that over stayed its welcome.

Washing this out is surprisingly easy, considering the texture and thickness when applying.  What's left behind is nice soft hair, much softer than how my hair feels after using most high end brands.

As far as shine from this goes, it's really nice.  Not over the top, more natural than a lot of shine products.  This looks more like your hair is healthy, less like your put a product in it to make it look that way.

One last thing to note is that my hair has not needed to be cleansed more often with this combination.  Even though this has Camellia oil in it, a lot of conditioners have oil in them, so this is not a new concept.  This difference in this product and others is the type of oil, not that it has any.  Camellia oil is said to be the closest oil to natural human oil, and therefore absorbs better into the skin/hair.  I haven't done tons of research into those claims, but I have noticed Camellia oil and my body getting along better than a lot of other, thicker, oils, so maybe there's something to that.

4/5, might repurchase, unless something better comes along.

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