Wednesday, March 24, 2010

China Glaze For Audrey

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Price: $4-6 for 14ml, .5 fl oz, depending on seller

What they say:
"   * Professional 220-strand brush for easy application
    * Long-wearing nail lacquer is an oil base
    * Flexible and will not chip
    * Greatest fashion shades
    * Great coverage
    * Non-Thickening formula
Unleash your inner color with China Glaze ... your long wearing professional nail lacquer choice! Long wearing formula with hardeners features great coverage and is DBP Free. China Glaze Nail Lacquer makes nails look spectacular and dries in seconds. China Glaze offers the latest technology in formulas and color selection. "

What I say:
Man, this nail polish is great.  I was able to find it on Sally Beauty, though I have seen it other places online, and was really looking forward to when it arrived.  I'm really happy I ordered this nail polish, because I think it is even more beautiful in person than it is in pictures or online!

For Audrey is described by many as being "Tiffany blue."  I can't say for certain if that is correct, since I really don't know what Tiffany blue is supposed to look like, but I think this is more of a turquoise blue (real turquoise, not the fake, painted stuff).  It is a lovely light blue, which I think would work better in the spring and summer months.  Some might also describe it as a sky blue, but I think it's a little too light for that myself.

Two coats of this was more than enough to make it opaque, but one coat was a little streaky.  Wish there was a way to make 1.5 coats happen, hehe.  Once on, this stuff stays true to color when drying, and seems to have better chip-tolerance than many nail polishes that I have tried.  It is not a fast-drying nail polish, but it is not one that takes forever, either.  Pretty average.

Overall, I'm really happy I tracked this polish down.  I can see myself using this a lot, and a bottle of this is really worth it's price (unlike, say, YSL.  I don't care what you say, unless the thing can cure some sort of disease, $20 for a bottle of polish is just insane).


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