Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Max Factor Volume Couture Waterproof Mascara

Price:  $6-9, depending on store.

What they say:
"The advanced flexible iFX brush defines and maximizes every lash - base to top, corner to corner - with a waterproof formula. "

What I say:
While I absolutely did not like the 2000 Calorie mascara from this company, I will be sad to see this one go.  I originally got this because my brother's graduation was during the winter, and I knew it was going to be really rainy.  Since I didn't want to look like a raccoon, I decided to pick up a waterproof mascara, and since it was on sale, I went ahead and bought the Max Factor one, even though the last mascara that I bought from them was pretty bad (but, hey, so are most L'Oreal mascaras, but I like some of them).

Initial impressions were good.  This mascara is wet, but not sticking my lashes together wet.  The formula was black, not grey, and is indeed waterproof.  Unlike, say, Japanese brand mascaras, though, this does come off rather easily with makeup remover, so at the end of the day, you don't have to rub a whole lot to get it all off (not that I do that anyway.  I let my makeup remover sit for a bit before trying to take the mascara off).  As mentioned, the formula is wet, so it does take a couple more seconds than dryer formulas to get to the point where it doesn't transfer to your upper/lower lid when you blink.  Just resist the urge to blink, and you'll be fine.  This tube also didn't dry out quickly, which I've had some mascaras do to me.  I'm reaching the 3 month mark, and it is still perfectly usable.

The wand is a nice rubber type, not too long, not too short, and definitely not too soft.  The end gets to my inner and outer corners without hassle, so I'm able to get all of my lashes with relative ease.  It also doesn't cause clumping on my bottom lashes when I try and put mascara there, which is a large plus for me.

I didn't notice too much length or volume being added with this mascara, but I wasn't adding more than one layer most of the time.  While I don't think it adds much volume or length on its own, I do think it would make a nice layering mascara.  Just add the mascara with the qualities you want to your lashes, and then at the end put this one on top to get a waterproof coating to prevent running/smudging.  Kinda like using an umbrella when it rains.

I actually like the tube design for this mascara.  It's not too large, which is a plus for traveling people, and the added blue band so you know it is the waterproof formula at a glance is a nice touch.  It does get scratched easily, but why would you be staring at your mascara tube enough to care?

Overall, I'm happy with this mascara, and will miss it when it leaves, since waterproof mascara and I normally don't get along too well.  Hopefully Covergirl (who is owned by the same company as Max Factor) has a mascara similar enough for me to enjoy.


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