Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Max Factor: 2000 Calorie Mascara

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Price: $4-6

What they say:
"Here's the mascara that delivers the sooty, smoky look everyone loves for evening. 2000 Calorie fattens up each lash for a dramatic, lush effect that washes off easily with cleanser, or soap and water (but still manages to be smudgeproof, so you don't have to worry about raccoon eyes). This rich black shade is a makeup-bag classic."

What I say:
9/28 So, so far, so decent.  For the price, I quite like this.  I did notice some light smudging, and maybe a little flakes on my undereye, but I wear cream concealers, so the oils might have blended.  Going to try this more to see how it works.

10/6  Still liking this.  Do notice a bit of smudging under my eyes if I'm using a cream concealer, and didn't push powder up to under my lashes.

11/10 This is not really started to dry up, but I have noticed more flakes then when I started using this.  Also, it is clumping a bit more.  At this rate, when it reaches the 3 months mark, it is going to be really hard to use.  Started having to use a lash comb to get clumps out with only one coat, and I always wipe off excess before using.

So, I guess overall I think this is okay, but just not for me.  The flaking only gets worse the longer I use it, and I hate having to constantly check to see if I'm sporting the black eye dandruff.  For its price it is okay, but I'm not going to be crying when I can't find this one in the stores anymore, after Max Factor leaves these shores.



  1. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've heard so much about sun lamps and day time lighting!!! I live in Seattle and it rains and is gloomy a lot..I'm not originally from here (I'm from Michigan) so I think there are many factors that have kind of drove me into insanity =/ But I appreciate your encouragement. I do need to exercise! <333333 Steph

  2. I wish I could get a dog, the landlord of the house we live at doesn't allow pets. Well..he actually wants an additional $1000 for deposit, $500 of it non returnable (to change the carpet after we move) >.< Plus an increase in rent. I live with 3 other people and they voted no... : ( Our lease ends in June, so I definitely will be hunting for a place that allows pets! I do have a hamster that keeps me company lol but it's still not the same as a dog you know?

    I really appreciate your comment. I'm going to try my best to change my schedule and not stay sad. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu <3

  3. Yeah, I live in Northern California, but happen to be in one of the rainiest towns in the country. Go out and get a sun lamp, seriously, you will not regret that purchase at all.

    And yay, thank you for following! My first follower ^_^!