Saturday, November 28, 2009

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

Price: $10 for 1oz, $26 for 5.2oz

What they say:
"Enriched with Shea Butter and vitamin E, this lightly textured and non-greasy cream nourishes and protects hands from daily aggressions. They are soft, moisturized and delicately perfumed with Cherry Blossom's enveloping flowery scent. Contains a cherry extract from Luberon, France. "

What I say:
This is indeed a non-greasy cream.  I use this on my eczema riddled hands/wrists, and not only did it absorb, it didn't aggravate my sensitive skin.  This works especially well during the colder months, since it is thicker, but still absorbs.  I haven't tried this during the summer, but given the texture, I think it would melt off quickly, so I don't think this would be good for those of you who live in more humid, warmer climates. 

The scent of cherry blossoms was there, but fainter than I expected, and faded before it got really annoying.  It was more of a perfume scent than a natural one, but it wasn't horrible, and my husband thought it smelled nice.  Because the scent of this one wasn't over the top, I'm interested in trying more scents from this company.

The price is a little high for the amount of product that you get.  I got the 1oz "travel" version, so I expected it to be higher per ounce, but it still is steep.  I could see this being $7, but not really 10.  The 5.2 ounce one for $26 is a decent enough deal, considering how long it should last, but it's too big for travel.

The tube for this is metal looking (aluminum, if anyone cares, hehe), but when you really look at the top, you can see that it is plastic.  Looking closely at the tube, it looks like there is a thin layer of metal surrounding a plastic tube.  Whether this is for aesthetics, or if it actually helps protect the product, I can't say.  The cap is just plain black plastic, in a octagonal shape to allow for easier opening and closing.

Overall, quite pleased with this lotion, but wish it was a little cheaper in travel form.



  1. I lovee Loccitane handcream! It's so good, I get it for everyone (especially my older relatives). They all really like it after using it. :)

    Thanks for the message on my post about 'marriage'. I think many parents are worried that their family or their children will be judged my others if they're not married. I don't know why they find "datiing" so wrong! sighhh

  2. Indeed. My family (older members, especially) were constantly asking me when I was getting married. It got so bad at one point I lied about sharing a room with my then (extremely steady) boyfriend, claiming we had separate rooms at the apartment that we were sharing with some other people. It was a very expensive lie, and I don't suggest you do it unless you have no other way out, hehe.

    If it wasn't for how expensive the lotion was, I would totally rate it 5/5! $10 for such a small tube, though... it's so sad.

  3. I am guessing the packaging is made that way to protect some light sensitive ingredients in the hand cream? Anyway, I have seen so many people using it...too bad the price is nowhere near my comfort zone.

  4. Citrine: Maybe, but then why not just make the entire thing out of aluminum? That's why it's so confusing; they bothered to layer it, instead of just one or the other.

  5. Well, I am quite positive about this part: Aluminum tubes are hard to squeeze and less elastic cartilage-like.(I think I am using wrong word,I mean "lunerable in a sense that the force you exert on it doesn't spread).

    I have had a hand cream in aluminum tube. The second day after I got it, it tore after I squeezed it "a few" time. (I wonder have you ever tried to squeeze-fold-tear a coke can?)

  6. I've torn many a can (projects, boredom, dares), but have never had a tube of lotion rip (except when I was getting to its delicious delicious innards...). I'm suddenly scared of your grip of death...

    I actually prefer non-plastic tubes for things that aren't going in my shower area, since I can always tell exactly how much I have left, instead of having the deceptive air in the tube throw me off. Guess that's just me though, hehe.