Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CARGO Botanical Lipstick

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Price: $20 for .14oz

What they say:
What it is:
A sheer, creamy lipstick formulated with natural and organic ingredients.

What it does:
"CARGO PlantLove™ Lipstick provides sheer color that is completely natural and contains a high-organic content. The innovative formula is infused with rich added-care ingredients and is housed in eco-certified packaging. Smooth and silky, it conditions and colors your pout to pucker perfection.

This product is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Synthetic Fragrance
- Synthetic Dye
- Petro-Chemicals
- Phthalates"

What I say:
I got this in color Muir Woods (looking online, this is a North America only shade?) as part of the Sephora Favorites Lip Service Box.  It was honestly one of the reasons I got the box, since I had had this particular shade of lipstick on my wishlist for so long I don't even remember when I put it on there.  I was ecstatic, thinking that I had found a great deal, and a good lipstick for a cheap price.

I was right; about everything but a "good lipstick."

I would have a swatch for you, but the lipstick is so waxy, so hard, and so lacking pigmentation that I can't even get a proper swatch off for you guys/gals.

I used this lipstick, and the end was still smooth, barely looking used at all.  What little I did get on my lips did not last even an hour, and I had to really look hard to see any pigment at all.

I am so glad I got this at such a good deal; I would have sent this back so quickly otherwise.

1/5  Don't waste your money on this one.

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