Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Max Factor Pan-Stick

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Price: $6.50-8.00 for .5oz, depending on seller

What they say:
"Get full coverage with a soft, dewy finish. Pan-Stik Ultra Creamy Makeup uses a high-tech formula to cleverly conceal pigmentations and skin imperfections while giving you maximum coverage for a flawless complexion with no caking."

What I say:
Day 1.5 (I actually tested this before for color, and didn't break out from it, so kept going):
So far, so good.  I used a MAC 187 to swipe some out of the container, and then blend it on my face.  The coverage was great, did not look fake, and blended quite well.  I topped with MUFE (Make Up For Ever) HD Microfinish Powder, also with the same 187, which had almost no product on it after using such a light coating.  While it does cover wonderfully, I still needed Bobbi Brown's Corrector in Light Bisque (dark circles of doom), but the two layered beautifully.

By the "end" of the day (I put this on at 7am, and took it off at 4pm, so 9 hours... really? o_O) I did not notice any creasing, fading, flaking (except my eye, but that's a whole 'nother story, and nothing against this at all), or transfer to clothing.  I took this off with a combination of Jane Iradale's "Magic Mitt" (which I am also testing, seems to work so far) and my usual nightly cleanser.  Seemed to come off easily.  Now to play the waiting game...

Day 3(of wearing, not total) Still no breakouts.  I waited a number of days between applications in case breakouts would be caused by inadequate cleansing, or other factors (ex, that time of the month).  Still covers well, and still need a transparent powder on top.  I don't really mind this, since it helps control oil, and makes it last longer.

Day 5  Loving this still.  Had to travel with it, which is where this foundation shines.  Being just a larger than lipstick tube, it handles travel like a champ.  Since it is also opaque, it really cuts down on how much you have to bring, since it can double as concealer.

Overall, I'm still liking.  Usually I break out from things that have too much silicone, or too many petroleum products (blame my genes on those).  This has no silicone, but the first ingredient is mineral oil.  I have combination skin, and had absolutely no problem with it (very rare).  Even though it is a cream, it can accentuate dry skin, so exfoliate if that is a problem for you.  The color selection is a but meh.  I was able to find a very good match with Natural, but Nude Ivory might be a better bet in the Winter (I'm actually not sure of that, since the number is higher, but I have heard that Nude Ivory is lighter from some people).  A lot of the colors learn towards cool/pink, but some of them are warm.

I really wish Max Factor wasn't leaving the US in early 2010.  This is a great product, but I don't think importing it would be worth it, because of shipping.  Maybe it would be, though, if you got a CP, and bought some other stuff along with it.

4.5/5  Took off .5 for mediocre color selection.

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