Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DuWop: Private Red

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Price: $22

What they say:
" DuWop has unlocked something new! Private Red, a color-changing lipstick that morphs into each woman's personal red, is the first of its kind to transform a single red shade into an endless variety of hues. This silky lipstick goes on smooth, and the rich pigment changes within five minutes to leave behind the ultimate perfect red.

Private Red's proprietary formula includes a blend of three naturally derived pigments - annatto, hibiscus, and henna - and the technology behind the classic “mood lipsticks” of the seventies to provide a vibrant red shade that adapts to suit each individual's coloring. Annatto lends a rich pigment base, while hibiscus flowers offer gentle antiseptic properties, and henna leaves behind a long-lasting stain. Additional hydrating ingredients such as beeswax, caster oil and Vitamin E keep the lip color lightweight and emollient.

Red is a stunning classic, but it can be the hardest to wear. Private Red offers a provocative answer to the question, “what is my best shade of red?” without the hassle of selecting the perfect shade from amongst an endless sea of choices.

Private Red is available in an ENDLESS variety of shades."

What I say:
I got this item in Sephora Favorites Lip Service Delux Sampler box, and actually liked it more than I thought I would. They claim that it morphs itself to your individual color. I don't think it does, I think the "morph" is really just your natural lip color messing with it, and the color of your skin next to the lipstick altering how it looks. This is true of almost all lipsticks, so that's not a problem for me, I just don't see how they can claim it changes colors because of chemistry (if this is actually happening, it is happening so fast, and is altering to the same color for all the people I have seen wear this. Kinda like O-Gloss).

The color is a Cherry Red color, kinda pinky, not too warm or cool, brighter red. It is nice for me, but I can see how many people say the color looks off for them. This is not a color for everyone (unlike what they claim).

The formula is a little drier than a lot of lipsticks that I own, but it didn't dry out my lips. I would recommend making sure you don't have tons of lip flakes before wearing, both because of the formula and because of the color. There was no bleeding for me, but my liplines were noticeable (I tried this without gloss to see if this would happen or not). The wear is great. I ate my entire lunch, and drank 2 glasses of water, and while the color is a little faded, there is no ring of doom, and the fade is even. I didn't even use a lipliner, and it lasted hours for me.

Overall, a good product. If you are in the market for a bright red, you might want to check this one out. It might not have the mood ring effect of changing to suit you, but it is a nice color, and it really does last a really long time. The price is a little steeper than many people might be willing to pay, so I wouldn't call this a must have, but it was fun to try.

4/5 A little expensive, doesn't change color like they claim, nice overall.

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