Saturday, October 31, 2009

End of the Month Lemmings, October

Another month, another post of lemming-a-tude!

1) Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Shadow Duo

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It's the powder tool but in eyeshadow form!  Seems like it would be really awesome for people who do makeup, since it would be really easy to sanatize.

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I almost bought this during the Sephora F&F event, but I just couldn't do it to my wallet.  It looks like a great traveling palette.  Maybe I'll ask for it for the Holidays.  Someday I'll own a NARS palette.  Someday.


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Do you have any idea how evil it is that Sephora got this the /day/ after I placed my once a year major damage haul?  Yeah, I'm sad/angered.  Oh well, I guess it's just not meant to be.  Still, just look at that picture and tell me you don't have some measure of want?

4) Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15

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Another thing I almost got, but was told that it was greasy.  The lemming still remains, but is fading.  I was going to get one of the nude shades, since I have a lot of reds and pinks already in my collection.

5) ChapStick Fresh Effects, Invigorating Green Tea Mint

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The Muse posted about this, and the wanting began.  I also think that regular chapstick is too waxy, and usually use a more expensive lip treatment that just sinks in.  The problem is, it's expensive, and I'm not made out of money.  I really want to try this out to see if it would make a good substitute for daytime use.

So there's my lemmings.  What are yours ^_^?

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