Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

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Price: $34 for 1.7oz, $46.50 for 2.5oz

What they say:
"Enjoy rapid refreshment and a full 12 hours of soothing moisture with an addictive by-a-waterfall feel. Advanced hydration boosters and a new botanical blend hold skin's moisture in balance through stressful shifts in humidity, indoors and out."

What I say:
I have combination skin, and this stuff is HG (holy grail, meaning cannot be without) for me.  It is a common mistake for people who have oilier skin to skip moisturizing or hydrating their skin, thinking that they don't need it.  You do, and your skin might be oily because you aren't hydrating it.

That said, this is a hydrator, not a moisturizer.  Use this under your moisturizer, or as a mask.  A little of this goes a long way, but I am still am already on my second jar (and already ordered a third).  I have been using it for months, and my face is clearer, less oily, and softer than it ever has been.

Give this a try; get a sample, buy it, anything, but you have to try this.  The worst that happens is you give it to your SO for their face (this is the only facial thing my husband will use.  He won't even use real facial wash).

Thing to note:  Do not get this at a CCO unless you are certain of its age!  I purchased one a couple months before I needed it at a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet, Estee Lauder's outlet store, which sells MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, and other subbrands at a discount) since I was in the area, and don't get to go to a CCO often.  By the time I opened it, it was too late for an exchange, and the smell was off, like it had already gone bad.  20% off is not worth risking your face over.

And to give your an idea of how popular this stuff is, it sold out at Sephora's during their friends and family event in one day.  Both sizes.

5/5 HG

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