Saturday, January 9, 2010


I'm sorry that this is not a beauty/random update, as I normally do, but I wanted to update at all, and tell you why.  My uncle was diagnosed with cancer for the third time late last year, with hopes that if it didn't metastasize further by early this year (earlier this week, in fact), they would be able to go ahead and do surgery to remove half his liver, where the tumors were located.  Earlier this week, when they went to do the surgery, the initial glance (before they made the incision larger, thank goodness) showed that the liver was in poor condition, inflamed, and if they did do surgery, he would most likely not fully recover.  The surgery was called off.  Right now we're waiting for him to recover from just the incision that they did initially, and then we will begin looking at alternative options of treatment.  Most options available to people are not options for him, given all the forms of treatment he has done in the past.

I'm not looking for sympathy, but do ask for your understanding during these times if I cannot update, given the real life problems that are happening right now.  To those of you out there that have been in similar situations, I feel for you, and hope you got through them, or are going through them, safely, and with as much happiness as can be had at times like these.

Thank you again,

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