Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Innersense I Create Quiet Calm Curl Control

Price: $22 for 8.5fl oz.

What they say:
"Calm your curls and get frizz under control. Certified organic shea butter and orange oil combine to moisturize, define and intensify curls and waves. Organic wheatgrass and natural proteins smooth the cuticle, improve elasticity and enhance curl strength. Sunflower seed extract protects hair color. Use on wet or dry hair to control frizz and maintain curl formation all day. Leaves hair naturally soft and manageable.
The natural orange blossom fragrance is lightweight and provides a refreshing experience. Enjoy!"

What I say:
This was recommended to me by my mom's hair person, after he cut my hair and saw how damaged, frizzy, and dry it was (ha!).  Using only a little (a nickle size) amount after hair is towel dried, but still damp, you work it into your hair, not putting it on your roots.  For me, I put it on the bottom 2/3 of my hair.

This, so far, is wonderful.  I have tried other non-frizz products before, from companies ranging from Sunsilk to Bumble and Bumble, and this is the first that not only helps cut down on my frizz, but also doesn't weigh my hair down.  It works almost like a combination of a very weak controller and a nice, not too strong leave-in conditioner.

The texture is like a thicker conditioner, but lighter.  More like a body lotion, I would say, but when rubbing your hands together, it becomes more liquidy.  I haven't had problems with it clumping into one spot on my hair, but I'm careful to try and distribute it evenly by pressing all over really lightly until it's on my hair, and then combing it through with my fingers, so I cannot say if it is all the product, if it's my application technique, or a combination thereof.

The curling aspect... Well, it supposedly helps with curl formation, but I really don't see that.  My hair likes to do waves all on its own, so if it does help people, it doesn't help me.  On the other hand, it doesn't weigh down my waves, but does help keep the frizz away longer, so it might be doing something /shrug.

The smell is heavenly.  It really does smell like orange blossom, and I love it.  The smell dissipates really quickly, for those who don't like fragrance, but I, for once, actually wish it stayed longer!

This is an expensive product, in my opinion, and I probably wouldn't have tried it if my mom didn't buy it for me as a present (so, yes, I did get it for free).  After seeing how little I need to use, and how much a bottle holds, though, I will probably repurchase with my own money when this bottle runs out, assuming it still works as well for me in the future as it does for me now.

5/5  Best leave in conditioner/frizz controller I've ever used.

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