Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Orly Nailpolish: Green Apple

Man, it likes to mess with my pictures, hehe.

Price: $7.5 for .6fl oz, 18mL

What they say:
"Free of DBP, Formaldehyde, and Toluene"

What I say:
I got this on sale, and while it's an okay polish, I'm not sure I would buy from this brand again, unless I really liked a color. The brush is really small for my liking, but usable, so some of you might like it. The bottle is a good size, and the rubber on the top is a nice touch, since it makes is easier to handle.

Green Apple, itself, is a nice neon green color, but still very wearable. It goes on sheer in thin layers, so I had to apply 3 to get a good coverage. The worst thing about this polish was the streaking. The layers dried quickly enough, but in order to get all the streaks colored, I had to apply layers (which I had to do anyway for the coverage, so at least that worked out).

The wear: Higher than OPI, so pretty good. It started chipping on my more used fingers (like pointer) within a couple days, but many of my nails didn't really start chipping until the end of day 3, beginning of day 4. This is really good for me, since I am not ginger with my hands when they have polish on them.

Overall, this polish was okay, but unless I find this brand on sale, or a really unique color, I am not going to purchase more.


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