Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NARS: Multiple in Orgasm

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Price: $37 for .5 oz

What they say:
"What it is:
Uniting its most celebrated color with its most sought after multi-purpose must-have, NARS introduces The Multiple in Orgasm.

What it does:
Featuring the same universally flattering hue as the original Orgasm Blush, The Multiple in Orgasm imparts the radiant peachy pink with shimmer to the eyes, cheeks, lips and d├ęcolletage.

What else you need to know:
Designed and packaged for easy application, The Multiple in Orgasm can be applied with a finger or directly from the stick and then blended into the skin. The lightweight, creamy formula blends effortlessly to provide sheer, all-over color as well as subtle, shimmering accents, contours, and dynamic highlights."

What I say:
This is a good product, but I wouldn't say it is the greatest thing ever.

The color is much like the NARS Orgasm blush, but I would say it's a little.. lighter?  It's hard to describe the difference.  Part of that is because of the difference in the textures, which always affects the color.  The shimmery-ness of the color is more apparent, and the initial color is a little more subdued.  Because of this, I find it to be a better highlighter than the original powder blush, but it still has enough color to be useable for a light blush look.

The case is the usual rubber that NARS likes to use, and some of you might not like that, since it does get messy quite easily.  While I don't like the mess, I do like how it feels in my hands, which I think it more important on a product that you aren't going to be whipping out in public often (unlike lipstick or gloss).  The lid does stay on well, and I haven't had any problems with it opening for me, but I wouldn't be surprised if it tried to in a purse, since that is a much more harsh environment than my travel bags.  I did notice that the stick doesn't like to go back into the tube if you over extend it, so you do need to be careful about that.

Orgasm the Multiple's texture is like the other multiples, from what I've felt.  It is kinda like a cream blush, but I think a little more dry than that.  I find that using my fingers doesn't get much product on my cheeks, but it does layer well, so that isn't much of a problem.  Putting it dirrectly on your cheeks from the tube can lead to overkill, but as long as you are careful, it shouldn't cause clown-face.  I have also tried this on my eyes and lips, and while the color looked okay, I didn't like the texture that much on either part.

Overall, I would say this is good for those who travel a lot, since it can't shatter like a power blush, but I don't think it is that great beyond that.  I might try the multiple in some other color, since it might work a little better, and I have heard that not all the multiples have the exact same texture when used.  If you are interested in this product, I really do suggest playing with it a little in person, especially because it might not show up that well, depending on your skintone.


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