Saturday, June 12, 2010


So I'm back *dances of yay ensue*, and came back with a small haul, because really, when you are driving 5.5 hours to the airport and back, and that's without the rest of the traveling, there will be hauls.

My haul!

The lipsticks that are out of their boxes were actually Back 2 MAC, so I really did less damage than it looks like.  I barely remembered to grab my empties before I left, and have been meaning to take them for a while, so I didn't care about the extra baggage.

What I got:
Cornflower Pigment Sample (Thursday was the first day for counters to carry some of the pigments as a permanent thing, so I was able to pick this up)
Syrup Lipstick
Fast Play Lipstick
Lustering Lipstick (Originally supposed to be Impassioned, but they were sold out)
Cyber Lipstick
MAC 130 Brush
shu uemura P Brown 820 Eyeshadow
Givenchy 17 Island Lagoon Eyeshadow

That last one really surprised me, since I didn't think I would like it that much, and it was expensive for an eyeshadow, but I really loved the texture, and the shade when mixed.

Glad to be back.  Hopefully I'll be getting my own smartphone soon, so maybe (I say maybe) that won't happen again.  Just realized that the phone I am looking at has more megapixels than my camera... sheesh.

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