Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rosebud Perfume Co. Strawberry Lip Balm

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Price: $7 for .8oz (22g)

What they say:
"Indulge your sweet tooth as you soothe dry, chapped lips with Rosebud's newest, strawberry-scented lip balm. Following in the Rosebud tradition of simple, easy to use products, this vintage-inspired tin contains a combination of rich emollients that lock-in moisture and banish dryness after only one application."

What I say:
I actually don't like fake strawberry flavored things, so keep that in mind when you read this review.

I originally got this is the "Three Lavish Layers of Lip Balm" set, which is a great deal, btw.  Anyway, since I hate strawberry the most, and I like to finish things from worst->best I decided to open this one first.

The smell is gross to me, but like I said I don't like fake strawberry.  Hindsight says that I should have just given this one away to my niece or someone else, but it's too late now, so I'll just use it up.  The smell thankfully does not linger, so it is tolerable for use on my lips.

The consistency is like Burt's Bees salve, or like a really hard lip balm.  To use I have to warm it up with my fingers, and then put it on my lips.  I think this won't melt that easily, so it would make a good summer lip balm for a handbag.  Once on my lips it is soft, but not too soft.  A thin layer spreads well, leaving a non-sticky coating behind.  It is not the most moisturizing lip balm I have ever used, but that is because vaseline-type products are not moisturizers, but instead moisture trappers.  If you really want moisturized lips, put on a moisturizer first, and then put something like this on top to trap the moisture where you placed it.  Anyway, it does a good job as a trapping layer, and it stays for a decent amount of time, so I would say it does its job well.

The price for what it is is okay, but not great.  This is basically just glorified Vaseline with flavor and scent added.  There is a little color in the tin, but nothing appears on my lips, so there really is no reason for the colorant being added to the batch in the first place.

The tin is a well made metal, not too hard or too easy to open, but the product along the sides looks like it would be hard to get out.  I personally don't like tins for lip balms myself, since the product gets all over your fingers when you try to get it out, but I know Rosebud makes a tube version of this product, so they have already addressed this problem.

This makes a good gift if you like strawberries and like lip balm.  I can see why so many people rave about his product, but I personally don't think it is really that great for what it is.  The price for amount is pretty good but Vaseline, which this basically is, is cheaper and doesn't have unnessesary ingredients (like color) added to it.  Don't get me wrong, I think it is an okay product, I just don't understand the hype behind it, and think there are better products for better prices.
4/5 if another flavor, 3.5/5 because the strawberry was so fake.

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