Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hype Theatre: Yves saint Laurent Touche Eclat

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Initial thoughts:
The tube that I got from Sephora appears to maybe be used.  The brush is was mostly clean, but some of the product was squirted out.  I cleaned the brush off, and it took 7 more clicks for more product to come out, instead of the 30 that the product claims to take the first time it is used.  I am weary that I used the product that came out of the brush afterwards without doing a full clean of the brush, but since most of the brush head was pristine, and the product did take 7 more clicks, I am currently chalking this mystery up to elevation changes or the product banging around in the box.

The product itself is creamy, thicker than I imagined it would be, but still more liquid in texture.  I would say it feels a lot like a liquid foundation.  "One click" (read above) was enough for both of my undereyes, my nose bridge, and a little on my cupid's bow and my chin.  While on first glance it appeared to do nothing, stepping away from the mirror and looking again a little later showed that it did in fact help my undereyes a little.  The rest was of course not noticeable, but a good highlighter should not be.  I used the brush to apply, and my fingers to blend.

Try numbers two and three:
Still taking about 7 clicks per time to use.  Starting to think that I have a defective container, but other than that it is perfectly use able.  Kinda nice in a weird way, since I know that banging around in my bag is not going to cause it to just come out on its own.

Still getting the hang of the product, but not in a negative way.  The consistency of this is way better than any dupe that I have used.  It really does not creep into lines, instead seeming to just absorb into the skin that it is pressed into.  This makes me sad in a way, since that means that all that money I spent on drugstore dupes was useless, and would have been better served being put into this.

Try number 4:
So I still think this doesn't do a whole lot, but am still really liking the product as a whole.  This is indeed great for travel, and does well in "oh crap, I look like death right now, and have a minute to get ready" times.

Product: 4/5 - As a highlighter it doesn't do too much, but the consistency and ease of use make up for that.  It looks natural on the skin as long as you don't use too much, no creeping around, and doesn't break me out.
Packaging: 3/5 - I both like and dislike the click pen.  It is great for travel, and for quick applications, but cleaning the brush is hard, and not being able to tell the amount that is left in the container is really not fun.
Price: 3/5 - I think this product is too expensive for what it is.  On sale it is not as bad, but the amount that you get does not warrant the price in my opinion.
Overall rating: 3.5 - If you can get this on sale, you might want to give it a try.  Just remember, this is a highlighter, not a concealer.  I wish the pen came with more product, and that there was a way to tell how much was left in a pen.

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