Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update: new posts ^_^

No, this isn't an update to tell you that I am not posting.  This is an update to tell you about what!

Still waiting for my haul from Texas (almost all gifts, but still, a haul).  I had to ship it to me, and it still isn't here yet, so I can't do that for tomorrow, as planned *sigh*.

Posts about parts of the haul!  (Already have one ready to go, but first I will post a post that I had hoped to get done before I had to leave, so that's tomorrow's).

More skincare!  Being only able to take travel sizes of items really makes you travel light, and try new things.  For once, it didn't cause breakouts! (woot)

Nail polish review.

Hope I get my package soon.  Without it, I might just have to rummage around the house until I find something to review.  *Continues to stare out the window, waiting for UPS or USPS.... should have asked how they were shipping it*

And now, a rant!

/rant/ Okay MAC, I know you like to create hype about a product, but I tried last night after midnight to get Stereo Rose, but it didn't go up yet, and I tried again this morning, and it was already sold out.  If you know a product is going to sell really well, maybe you should make more of it?  I was going to order more from that collection, but decided I really didn't need any of it, and since the one thing I really ordered was sold out, I skipped (so basically, they lost money).  *Sigh*  Oh well, at least it's just makeup, not something like a vaccine, hehe. /rant/

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