Saturday, July 10, 2010

Estée Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick

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Price: $22 for .13oz (3.8g)

What they say:
"Sheer color, daring shine. We've got your shade.

Light Up Your Lips

    * Super shine finish.
    * Cool, crystalline, high fashion shades with sheer coverage.
    * Prismatic crystal effects create a dazzling brilliance and dimension.
    * Delicately fragranced with a delectable fresh fig scent."

What I say:
The color that I got was Tiramisu, which I would describe as a light pink rose, without the brown many rose shades often have.  This lipstick is super sheer, so more shades would suit many skin tones.  Estée Lauder says that this lipstick has a crystal effect that creates a dazzling brilliance and dimension.  To me, this was a shiny, but not too shiny lipstick, that looked more like you applied a balm over or underneath.  Not a bad look, and one that can fit any age, in my opinion.

Pure Color Crystal Lipstick's texture is very much like a balm, which is refreshing, since many lipsticks can dry out lips.  I did notice some flakes being accentuated when I first applied this lipstick, but that was because my lips were in particularly bad shape (air conditioning can do that to me).  While the lipstick applies, and feels like, a balm, the stick itself is not too soft, so I have no worries about the base wobbling if I use too much pressure, of it melting too easily in the heat.  Mostly, I think, it is your lip temperature that makes it apply so smoothly.

The smell is the typical Estée Lauder kinda perfumey fig, which while not entirely pleasant, does fad quickly, and isn't the worst smell that I have had a lipstick have.  I would prefer having no scent over the fig scent, but it isn't a deal breaker to me.

The packaging is really nice, and I like the NYX-style lipstick in the bottom of the tube for easy identification.  Having the cap be a gold colored metal that somehow isn't the fingerprint magnet that I thought it would be is also a nice touch.

Overall, this was a nice lipstick, and one that I can see myself using up, since the color is a nice work color, without being just another MLBB (though I would classify this particular color as that).  The scent is a little bit strange to me, but the texture more than makes up for that, since it applies smoothly, with no need for a mirror.  I can't say that the price is that good, but at least you get a decent product for what you pay.  May or may not purchase another one, since the color selection, especially with a product this sheer, leaves much to be desired.

3.5/5 (minus for color selection and price)

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