Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally finally finally finally finally!

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Finally Urban Decay is getting with the picture and offering their Primer Potion in a tube.  According to what i have seen, this is only the "professional size" of .85oz that will be available, and no word if they are going to just change over to this style exclusively, but at least it is something.  Personally, I think they should offer both styles, since the mascara like container that they have now does come in handy, and many people like it, but to actually offer a tube that you can squeeze it all out of... it was a long time in coming.

Thank you Urban Decay for finally listening to your fanbase and changing something that people have been crying out for for a long time.  Yes, I know you did that slanted doe-foot applicator thing, but seriously, you and I both know that was not enough.

Right now this is limited edition from Sephora, and I see no word on it from Urban Decay.  It says "online early access" in the email for beauty insiders too.  Hope this is testing the waters for the new packaging, and they decide to stick to it.

*Update 8/31*
Urban Decay's site just put up the Professional Size Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  I see nothing on their site that it is LE, so it looks like it is permanent!  Way to go UD!

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